Custom Glass 

With vast knowledge of technical glass manufacturing industry standards and convention in scientific glass instrumentation, SFSG excels as fulfilling custom glass needs. From design to delivery, SFSG will work to make your ideas in glass a reality. 


Spectroscopic Glassware

SFSG manufactures spectroscopic glassware for the ICP industry on a custom order basis.

Our Work 


SFSG offers consulting services for any glass related projects. If you need guidance, design input, or seek to integrate glass into your research process but have questions, SFSG can help. We thrive on participating in the development of original and specialized instrumentation. 



SFSG can repair your broken and decommissioned glassware. Modifications to your existing glass instruments is also always a possibility. 

SFSG has experience working with a wide variety of entities, including individuals, federal and international research facilities, state and private institutions, academic research facilities, teaching laboratories, and private businesses. 


Who We Work With

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Optical Glass

SFSG has experience in manufacturing optical cells such as those used worldwide in standard reference photometers, as well as aluminosilicate cells for polarized Helium-3 research in neutron spectroscopy. Inquiries in custom optical cell work is invited.