Commitment to Confidentiality 


SFSG is committed to a code of ethics which contributes to a healthier social and world ecology. We conduct operations in a fashion that demonstrates thoughtfulness towards the world environment and all its inhabitants. As such, we donate 5% of our profits to 501(c)3 organizations.

Donation recipients include:

Rainforest Alliance

Save the Children

Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project 

Earth Peace Foundation

The Humane League
United Poultry Concerns


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We respect the privacy of our customers, affiliates, and colleagues. SFSG will never, under any circumstances, share information about your work or research with a third party unless you explicitly direct us to do so.  We treat every project with absolute confidentiality. If requested, all project details and transmissions can be destroyed after completion.


Our Work

Our Strength

Strong Force Scientific Glass is a scientific glass instrument fabrication company dedicated to providing top-tier glass instrument support services to independent researchers and scientific institutions alike. SFSG is prepared to facilitate the full realization of your research efforts from start to finish, from glass object prototyping and experimental design trials to highly specialized and refined scientific glassware.

SFSG is capable of providing process support services such as consulting, contracting, and glass instrument design. Strong Force Scientific Glass is a federally recognized business entity registered in the US Government’s System of Award Management; we are eligible to engage in government or private contracts.

SFSG can make instruments from a variety of glass types, but specializes in aluminosilicate glass (GE180), small-scale fused quartz used to fabricate instruments such as gas proportional counters for low level counting, diffusion bond optical cells, and of course, standard laboratory fare made from borosilicate glass such as Pyrex. You are encouraged to contact Strong Force Scientific Glass with any of your glass related inquiries, whether your needs are simple or complex. ​

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